Almost time to go

Two weeks is definitely enough time to be home. I leave in two days time, and right now I’m all about seeing my brother come home tonight. He’s delayed in Halifax airport right now and due home in 5½ hours, if they stop delaying the darn flight! I think we’re going to take it easy tonight and have BBQ hot dogs (I haven’t had BBQ ANYTHING in over a year!) and I’ve been craving hot dogs and Georgetown Bakery bread. Mouth watering delicious–ness and you don’t need anything on it. Just sink your teeth into the yummy baguette and chow down.

I haven’t done any partying since I’ve been home, with the exception of going on George Street while being the designated driver. It was a fun night, nothing too crazy. Been climbing a handful of times. Supposed to climb tonight except now that my Brother is due back earlier than I thought (thinking: midnight), I probably won’t end up going one last time. I could be tempted otherwise. Anyone? :P

Did a bit of post–christmas shopping, but didn’t really get any deals besides the purses I posted below. Got a few thin puma headbands for soccer, a newfie decal cling–on sticker for my car that I will soon purchase heh, pens from Dick’s and Company (Love that store. They sell single pens, so you can try them out and only buy ONE if you want lol—I’m a sucker for stationary/pens), got myself a Rock & Ice, climbing calendar from the climbing gym, and I think that’s basically it!

Oh man. My Mom deals with vinyl decals and stuff at work. I should do up a fancy little design like they have for sale on etsy and get some neat little designs for my room. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click). I had this really gross eroding sticker on my retainer case, and now I have a nice “NANCY **** 555-1234” sticker on my case. You know, in case I drop it and someone is willing to pick up a small box with two retainers on it, and call me back lol. I should totally take a picture. I need to use my new camera more! YAY.

Kind of a boring/blah update. But that’s what you get when I just sit down and write an entry un–showered, hungry and on vacation! Time for a nice long bath.

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  1. I have seriously been looking for wall decals like those forever, thank you for posting that link! haha. Next paycheck, I’m most likely going to buy some!

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