I’m going bananas!

I like my bananas to be a little bit green when I peel them and eat them. I try and only buy two or three because by the time I eat the last one, it’s turning yellow and the peel is too squishy and soft, and there’s a strong banana taste. There was a sale at the grocery store, and silly me stocked up on the darkest green bananas I could find. So, I bought five of them. They’re stored at room temperature and even against a corner wall, so no sunlight hits it. Yesterday I picked up one of the bananas to bring to work, and it already had brown spots on it! That’s how yellow and ripe it was, 4 days later. What gives!? It was so gross too. I’m surprised that I really dislike them that much when they’re yellow, nice and ripe. I suppose I could save it and make banana bread out of them…hmm.

Does anyone know how to stunt the ripening of bananas? Will putting them in the fridge not make them turn yellow as fast? It’s annoying going to the grocery store every so often to pick up the green ones, so I just never end up doing it and eating any bananas until I do my biweekly shopping trip to the shop.

Gah! There’s GOT to be a way.

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  1. I have like a 2 day window for when I’ll eat a banana. I like them just when they lose their green and are bright yellow. Once there’s a brown spot, I won’t eat it! So I feel your pain!
    My mom just started using those produce bags that promise to extend the life of your fruits and vegetables. She showed me a bag with bananas in it that she bought many about 5 days ago and they still looked perfect! So maybe that’s the way to go?

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