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I’m a fan of photography, sarcastic blogs, and interesting reads so I decided to share with you all, a few of my favorite diverse websites out there.

Daily Dose of Imagery: This man goes around Toronto on a daily basis and takes some perfectly breathtaking photos of random things! It’s pretty much the first website I go to on a weekday morning. He’s the reason I want a tilt–shift lens. And Guess what? Viewing his snaps around Toronto has made me feel semi–comfortable walking around and exploring more of the City Centre when I’m alone. Perhaps it’s because I feel that I’ve already been there while I view his photos on my huge 22″ monitor at work. He has also had the opportunity to shoot some movie stars while they were in the city for the Toronto International Film Festival (which you can see in the second, and third photos). I remember once the four way stop diagonal crosswalk (4th photo) was first introduced, he posted a photo that morning and I looked at it. That evening when I went home to watch the CBC news his photos were actually shown during the news hour! I was so excited for him, thinking “Oh look! I was on his website today!!” Hopefully you all too, will enjoy viewing his site, and photos.
Daily Dose of Imagery photos:


Rachel Richter Photography: In all honesty, I don’t visit this site nearly enough. I think she primarily takes photos of children and babies. I’m in awe of her processing and ability to capture the most gorgeous photos of kids – which is quite a difficult thing to accomplish.
Rachel’s Photo’s:


Mrs. January: Cassie is a smart shopper and even better saver. I have always read blogs about people in the United States about their frugal shopping deals and how they managed to get items for little, or nothing. I was pointed in the right direction when I asked an American girl for a link to help me cut down on my grocery bill, but alas the link was for U.S. Citizans only. Somehow I stumbled upon Cassie’s MJ website and now I too, am a Queen of coupon clipping and waiting for a great sale to hit the stores by browsing online flyers and deciding what to buy before I go. Family members poke fun at the fact, but in return I show them how much I have saved on a grocery bill or necessities. I once went to a grocery store and the original price run up at $81.39 and I handed the cashier my stack of bills, some of which were ‘try me free’ offers, like soups. I ended up only paying $43.57. That gives me much more options to budget my $100 biweekly allowance for groceries. I can get so much more stuff this way. Stock up when there are sales, that’s a big one in my books. For instance: Boyfriend goes through a regular sized box of vector cereal, per day. Yes, it’s a lot but on my way home from work one day I went to the grocery store and saw that there were tons of flats of vector cereal on at a discount price. I bought ONE box (lol), and called boyfriend right away, saying we needed to get the car out and drive here to pick up a stash. We ended up leaving with three or four flats. Our bill came to something ridiculous because we had to pick up other things. But we knew that he would eat it all before it went bad. There are just four boxes of that cereal on the shelf. It lasted only a few months, but it saved us a lot of money in the long run.


Dooce: Heather B. Armstrong is her name, and don’t wear it out! Heather’s website is very popular and I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment on her site. In her daily writings she speaks about her husband, a three year old daughter and two pups. While Heather does write about her everyday life, her writing style has everyone glued to their monitors in suspense as she writes the most intriguing and super funny entries about some of the simplistic tasks, like taking her daughter shopping for clothes. Heather also takes some greats shots of Chuck (one of the dogs – definitely my favorite dog that has ever lived + you can buy 2009 calendars with each month representing a different picture of Chuck. Bonus!) balancing things on his head, or wearing silly outfits (Photos are below as well as more talented shots coming from her SLR). Dooce.com is a good read and definitely a keeper on my list of daily sites to check in the morning.
Dooce.com photos:

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your favorite sites. The first one looks very intriguing, since I’m a sucker for awesome photos.

    Oh yeah and as for the comment that you left on my site, I just want to say thanks, I kind of feel special now. haha

    I’ll link your site too.

  2. I LOVE that first site. To answer the question you left on my blog… I use sparkpeople.com which tells me how much everything is. Lunch was actually a “powerhouse fuel” which is all of those ingredients in a pita. I’ll probably make a custom food using those nutritional stats. But nope, I don’t snack and if I do I list it. It’s really tough for me to hit 1300 calories but I’ve gotten better at it, I just eat a lot. When I was a hardcore gym junkie I had to eat 2000 calories a day so I was eating protein bars bc my stomach would get so full.

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