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OH MY WORD. 1 DAY LEFT of NaBloPoMo! You guys. I better not miss or forget to post tomorrow or I’ll freak. Maybe I’ll post every hour until midnight or 1AM so I technically posted on the 30th too. That’s pretty intense though. Forget that whole idea.

Who’s ready for Christmas?  Not ready to talk about that yet? That’s cool. Let’s go onto a different subject. My favorite reads on the interwebs.

Even though my favorite reads haven’t changed I’ve found a couple of more new blogs that I really enjoy reading and subscribe to via google reader / RSS. As much as I enjoy all the subscriptions, there’s just a few that get me overly excited and I just have to read those first, I get so excited — or I save the best one’s for last. Which ever … I sometimes do both, skim through all the other blogs and race to my favorites. Maybe that’s kind of weird of me, but it’s how I rollllllllllllll. Man, I hate that term.

Confessions of a Wannabe Fashionista: K has been my inspiration to do “outfit of the day” posts, even though I don’t do them that often, I have decided to up the ante and try out new things that is already in my closet. For instance, I spent one of my Friday nights (don’t say anything!) getting different outfits together and layering my tops for some added texture/style/fashion. It turned out so good that I honestly have 3 weeks worth of work clothes picked out, including pants, socks, bras and undies. I don’t have that many bras or pants — but I know what to pair them with when that certain day comes around. Take a look at some of her posts, she’ll also probably tell you some of the J Crew codes that offers free shipping. Be careful, you may become a J Crew-a-holic like I have reading her site.


Iowa Girl Eats: Again, Kristin has inspired me to eat more healthy in the household as I’m the primary (okay, only) cooker in the house. Her fun, upbeat, posts are exciting to read and I love all the photos and different angles of shots she posts of her food. Mmm, mouth watering tasties! Go check her out, if you’re bored for food ideas — I’m sure reading her entries will encourage you to cook healthier too, like she did me! I also found out about honey crisp apples from reading her site. If you haven’t tried them out, you MUST. They’re much better than Golden Delicious, Royal Gala and all the other tasty ones. Seriously? You’ll never go back after trying Honey Crisp!
Iowa Girls Eats photos:




Five Blondes: These 5 blondes are all sisters, and what I find super sweet about it all is that some of them are spread out throughout Canada and still stay in touch and blog randomly. Not all of them live in Ontario! I also think I met one of the five when we both lived in Guelph, but neither of us can really remember, I just found her face so familiar when I started reading their blog. When I was younger I secretly wanted a little brother because I wasn’t a fan of girls as a kid, maybe that’s why I have so little female friends. But now that I’m much older, it would’ve been much more rational of me to have sisters. To wear their clothes, to have girly chats with, and I guess reading 5 Blondes entries, I’m sort of getting that? As odd as that may seems. Or maybe I just want to be BFFs with Leah! I’m not sure how to describe their writing style because all of them are so different! I guess their website is similar to mine; posting about whatever is on their mind, new shopping hauls in Toronto, First 5 blonde baby. I also found out about NaBloPoMo from Leah (one of the 5) and decided to copy!


What are some of your favorite reads? They don’t even have to be blogs, I love searching for new blogs to read — so feel free to share them with me in the comments!

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  1. Gonna check out those websites.

    I actually liked the idea of picking clothes for a week, or weeks like you did. Would help me get more organized. And i seriously need that.

    I could share a couple of sites with you, but they are in portuguese… =P

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