Got me a party while I’m at it too!

WELL! If it couldn’t get any better than this. My parents were feeling kinda lame since we’re all about Christmas, but they came down with bronchitis and couldn’t do a thing. Nobody has visited us, except for the equally sick neighbors. I’ve seen most of the people I wanted to see, except for JOHANNA—NEED TO SEE YOU. I think I’ll get together with her on Sunday. Anyway … my mom was telling me that I should invite some of my relatives over, so I can see them before I take off again next week. So last night I told my Mom that I wanted to see my Aunt, a few family friends and like 2 other people and I called those people and invited them. However, my Mom kept listing off people that I forgot about lol…and The List started growing and growing, and now we’ve got about 25 people coming to see me before I head back to Ontario. Gonna be a great night, and we’re definitely going to have to whip out the tv furniture that’s in the den and put it all in the living room where the fireplace and Christmas tree is. OH BUDDY. I love that my parents love to entertain.

Unfortunately for my Aunt, she wanted so bad to see my boyfriend (she too doesn’t believe that he exists, because she’s never met him.) Though, he left the province already and is back in Ontario.

Oooh, I also got some pretty wicked deals at the mall last night. Both of these Nine West purses. They’re just… gorgeous. The big one was a retail price of $115, Labels had it on for $79. The store had a 50% off sale, I showed my SPC card and got an extra 10% off. I paid $32.00 for that big one. Now, the little one? Oh, what a deal I got. Retail price: $45, Labels had it marked as $29, with a 50% off sale and my SPC card again… $13.50! HOOOOLY. I got such an amazing deal, I mean they’re Nine West! lol

Photos were taken with my new Canon SD 1100 (in mocccchhhaa)

Have a great saturday night! I know I will, with my Dad’s homemade wine … OWW!

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  1. OMG, I did not know labels had these bags!!!!!!

    Guess where i’m going tomorrow? TEHEHE!!!!

    Have an awesome timeeee :D

  2. Whoa! Those are really nice bags! I’ve been keeping my eyes out for a nice new one at Winners, but the selection has been kinda crappy lately.

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