Twitter parties!

Who says twitter parties are no fun? Not me! I’ve met a few new twitter friends that way. Back in November I decided to partake in two twitter parties which at the end they gave away prizes.

My first twitter party was the #MirrorBall. I got a beauty basket filled with a ton of goodies that I’m still going through. It was overwhelmingly huge and so amazing.

The second twitter party was one my old co-worker Shannon co-hosted. From that I won a $50 MasterCard credit card to spend on whatever I wanted, and the next week I won a $25 Visa credit card from another party. Super fun right!? I still have no idea what to purchase with it. My boyfriend suggested the boring, almost-responsible thing to do with it. Spend it on gas. Oh please! A new pair of shoes, this girl needs instead of gas! I can walk places :)

Have you ever won anything from a Twitter party? I haven’t participated in one since before Christmas. I need to get back in the game! haha

Maybe I’ll put the gift card purchase towards valentines gift ideas for your boyfriend, and by your boyfriend, I mean my boyfriend. You can buy your boyfriend his own gifts :p

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  1. I’ve done a few twitter parties. I’ve won twice. I won a AppleCheeks diaper that they were introducing that night which was the purpose of the party (yessss!) and I also won a $100 gas gift card from another party from Ford Canada!

    I won 2 other things at a party on twitter but never got them… not impressed, but whatever! I had fun anyway!

  2. I have participated in a couple Twitter parties! They are fun. The last one I participated in was the other day through @PTPA. I even won a prize. Not sure what it is though but I am excited. :)

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