Got me Christmas dinner

Sooo today is the beginning of a brand new year. I finally got my Christmas dinner cooked for me! hehe. My parents actually came down with a case of bronchitis, and I knew I wasn’t going to catch it come hell or high water. For the first couple of days that I was here, I wasn’t in the house until it was bed time.Luckily I haven’t caught anything, yet.

New Years Eve was spent with boyfriend, his parents and sister and then we went to a buddy’s house after we watched the fireworks. Since it was boyfriend’s last day of vacation on January 1st, my Mom invited him over for dinner and ate some of her long awaited turkey, and roast beef, and of course salt beef b’y. Can’t have a dinner without that. Even though I don’t like it. lol. Anyway, we ate along with the neighbours and they finally met him, and no he is not a figment of my imagination! :) haha.

Guess I’m kind of a private person in the relationship part  and since I don’t live in the same province as everyone I grew up with, it was hard to introduce him to people. Soooo we had a grand ol’ feed and then I dropped him home to pack. Came home, did some facebooking and then my Mom called out to me that Peepers (the dog), had just barfed up in multiple places in the TV room. The ONLY place in the bloody house that has carpet. Of course, right?  I didn’t mind doing it,  doesn’t turn my stomach as much as it made my Mom sick lol….anyway I guess I’ll stop talking about vomit.  So later on I have to either stay up, or wake up and drive back to my boy’s house to pick him up and bring him to the airport. Such a short trip for him, I’m so glad I’m not leaving yet. Doesn’t even feel like I’ve been here for as long as I have. I think I’ll head to bed soon, I don’t think I can stay up until 5AM, SOBER…lol to drive him anywhere.

So I wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! xoxo I’m sure I’ll be back to frequent blogging when I return to the mainland!

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  1. Oh he’s from St John’s as well.

    I was in the Village today, and OMG the store that is called ‘Labels’ had some crazy deals. I must post the Nine West purses I bought there, later!

  2. Wait, where is your bf from?

    Haha, I don’t like salt beef either :X ….My New Years day was different. My mom forgot to take the turkey out days before so I didn’t get a turkey dinner for New Years so mom is doing that this Sunday, lol. Instead, I made fajitas for the bf and I! LOL.

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