5 Times You Should Take Your Wedding Ring Off

Gosh, I’ve honestly had nothing but trouble with my wedding ring set ever since we moved to California. I bring it in for its warranty inspection every 6 months, and each time there seemed to be an issue with it — at least in the last year.A long story short, I didn’t have my wedding ring from December 2016-February 2017. This February I ended up having to get my entire wedding band set replaced with a duplicate because of the issues the jeweler did to my poor ring. I decided upon myself that I would only wear my wedding ring set on special occasions and since February I’ve worn it a handful of times. I brought it in again for inspection in June, and again – there was an issue with one of the prongs although never wearing it. Regardless of that, they fixed it and it still looks brand new (thankfully).

So if I was a regular wearer (liked I used to be) of my wedding band set, here are 5x I wouldn’t necessarily wear my ring, for obvious reasons:


Household cleaning products can do serious damage to your stones and ring settings. It can even alter the colour if you’re using harsh chemicals. Either take off your rings and stow it safely somewhere, or wear thicker rubber gloves while scrubbing those floors and counters.

Working Out| 

I’m not sure about you but when I run, my fingers swell (weird, hey?). But also if you’re lifting weights be sure to remove your wedding bands unless you want them all scratched up or eventually change shape – because they can due to the materials used in platinum and gold jewelry — to a certain degree, these metals are soft. If you’re that concerned of people not knowing whether or not you’re married, pick up one of those silicone rings that are specially made for athletes. And please don’t ever wear your wedding rings when rock climbing! That’s just asking for a finger to pop off.

Lotions and moisturizing|

My hands are pretty scaly and consistently dry. I need to apply moisturizer multiple times per day in order to make them look normal. Lotions and moisturizers aren’t the best for your rings as they can build up in the crevasses and/or dull your stone over time. No one wants a cloudy layer or film on your rings – and wait until your hands are completely dry before putting back on your set.

Chlorine-filled pools|

If you’re a swimmer, you know that chlorine can do a lot of damage. Hopping into a chilly swimming pool makes your fingers shrink to an extent – making it easier for your rings to fall off and be gone-zo forever. Chlorine can also discolour your rings.

Makeup + Beauty|

Haircare, serums, leave-in conditioner, makeup, hairspray, foundation: this can cause more buildup just like moisturizers especially if you rub in the product in between your hands and apply it to your face/hair. If you want to give your rings a delicate wash add your rings to a clean bowl of hot water with a drop of dawn dish detergent. Then dry your rings with one of those microfiber clothes that come with your sunglasses.

These are just a few friendly tips, and by no means am I telling you you “need” to do any of these. Thought it’d be a nice reminder to keep your rings flashin’ in the sunlight. :)

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