Applied too much foundation?

Don’t panic! There are ways to fix it without removing all your makeup and starting over, and not waste what you’ve already applied.

Dab a tissue over the areas you applied too much foundation. Don’t rub, just dab! Rubbing will obviously remove much more than you’d like and ruin the makeup application.
Next, get a sponge whether it be a BeautyBlender or one from a compact that you don’t use. Wet it, and dab off into a towel – this will ensure there isn’t too much water in the sponge. This is when you can blend the areas where you removed the extra foundation. Generally, a sponge is one way to soften and blend cakey foundation, as it’ll absorb the product and even out the foundation. 

Often when I’m in a hurry I apply too much foundation to my face and use this quick-fix technique for years, but only thought about blogging about it! Let me know if this works for you next time you apply too much foundation!


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