Bad things come in 3’s

Why must that happen? Why can’t good things come in three’s and bad things just happen one at a time? I tell you, it’s very frustrating. Let me get situated here and tell you all about my mini-ordeals going on this week.

One: Last Thursday I received a “Final Notice” Canada Post packaging slip in my apartment mail box (in the door slot), and since I had already been to the post office a day prior, waiting for the lunchtime rush, I decided to wait until the weekend to pick up my parcel. Safe bet, seeing as it said on the notice itself that it will be held until December 19. I went in and showed my postal slip and it wasn’t there. Same thing happened to a girl earlier that day. My parcel was either sent back or never retrieved. Um, I only received the mail slip 3 days ago. The postal worker took my slip of paper and wrote down my telephone number for someone to call me in the morning — Monday morning. No one bothered to call me yesterday about it, so I phoned them myself … a few times.  I decided to finally leave a voice mail. Again, no returned phone call. I called this morning and left another (fierce) voice mail. If I don’t hear back from them today, I’m going IN again. Waste of my time, but where the EFF did my package go? Seriously.

Two: I ordered a couple of things on Etsy from Bejing on October 31. A day after someone else had ordered the same bracelets online, but she was located in Texas. Texas lady had already received her bracelets weeks ago. While I’m going on week 8 waiting for mine. I e-mailed the Etsy seller asking for my money back as I stated in 3 previous convo’s to her that it was a Christmas present and would be TOTALLY useless if I received it after the fact. “Let’s wait one more week and then we’ll see what’s happened” she replies. Wait until December 21 to get my money back? Okay. Negative feedback for you as well? Okay. Guaranteed. I ordered it way in advance of the Christmas rush in order to get it before Christmas arrives. I’ll never be ordering from her again.

Three: In September I subscribed to 3 different magazines from a co-workers child who was giving out discounted magazine prices from a catalog. I picked Elle, Flare and Real Simple. In late November my credit card was debited $55 — to cover the cost of the three magazines. Yesterday I received a bill in the mail from Elle asking me to pay the subscription fee. I was confused because I had already paid for the full 12 month issues for all three magazines. I tried searching Elle Canada’s website for a phone number to call, but couldn’t locate one. So I decided to shoot them an e-mail. Of course I no longer have that proof of purchase from my subscription because it was debited $55 from my credit card. I better get my magazines, or my money back.

Why do I feel like I’m being screwed over in every way possible?

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  1. I thought that kind of things just happened in my country, Spain, where there are more people interested in having their siesta than in coping with the job they are paid for. I wish you know a lawyer friend of you in order to write a proper letter of claim. Good luck and tons of patience.

  2. Nah, it happens everywhere. Sometime ago, a parcel that were sent to me as priority and insured, was “lost”. But i only managed to get to know that because i complained for more than a week, as the tracking status was unchanged for so long. If i didn’t cared, they would never tell me that.

    Plus they even had the lame excuse that it wasn’t their fault. I guess it was mine, right? I mean, someone used their service, paid more for priority and insurance, and when they lost the package, it wasn’t their fault? The world is becoming a dumb place as time goes by.

    Thankfully the seller was helpful, and he demanded to receive the insurance in less than 5 days. Since it took too long, we both sued the mail company. After that, like it was magic, everything was sorted in 2 days.

    Anyway, hope your packages arrives.

  3. Pedro,

    I’m pretty sure I’m NOT going to involve a Lawyer for a $20 etsy purchase, or a mishap at Canada Post. It’s not a huge ordeal to me, just a huge inconvenience as it IS a busy time of year. I can however, file some sort of claim of an un-delivery on Etsy, and I might go ahead and do that if it doesn’t arrive within a few more weeks.


    I know hey? They better not say that they’re not at fault for losing my parcel. I think I’m not even going to wait another day. I’m going to go into the post office after the gym tonight and complain, and demand my paper slip back. My Boyfriend told me I probably should have never handed over that slip :( :( I’m glad everything ended up working out with your stuff though.

  4. That thing about the lawyer works when one of them is your friend. Many people who seem to be deaf react when hearing that word…. it´s a shame I’m only an economist…..maybe in my next life……thank’s God anything that could go wrong is already done so from now on it only can get better. Ciao.

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