Hectic work week at the hospital

Work called me this afternoon to book me in for a few shifts. I’m working 56hrs in the next 5 days. It shall be hectic, but I don’t mind one bit. I need this money so bad right now, since I haven’t been working much at all this whole summer. Saving up for my Ireland trip, and I hope to buy an iBook at some point before Christmas.

I’ve been working out with a friend lately. He’s a pretty awesome workout buddy. Last night I headed into the gym and benched more than I ever have. 50 pounds folks. Watch out, hoganite can now kick you ass! Hahah :)

A few nights ago I went to my friends house, he had a few people over to swim in his pool. He also set up a slackline, for us to have fun on. It was sooo hard!!

After 1 week without updating, you’d think I would have more news hey? I don’t though.. such a beautiful day out today – too bed it’s almost bed time haha, yes I am serious I’ve gotta work two 12hrs in the next two days. I need to sleep! Lata.

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