Teary eyed

I’ve been so close to having tears in my eyes, the past two shifts. I worked two 12hr’s in two days. All the floors at the Hospital are different. I need time to adjust to the new faces of the Nurses and who not to call for Doctors. Some Dr’s get pissed off when you call them, instead of their residents. How am I supposed to know who to call, if the Nurses are being complete b**es and not helping the new person out, ONE bit. I love how they take everything out on the new person too. I mean, not all the Nurses are terrible. But I’d say half of them are, and that’s not so fun. At least there’s always a plus to working shifts. Having more time off! One elderly man, who was visiting, actually gave me a flower. It was so sweet of him. Also, this male nurse played a prank on me today asking if there was a patient called “harry butt.” So good to have comic relief there once in a while. Ooh! I finally ran into my good old housekeeping buddy Krista. Haven’t talked to her in a year. It was good to catch up..

So, I have tomorrow off, then I work two more 12hrs, and one 8hr, then I think I’m off for 3 days. But I’m not positive. That’ll be a huge cheque. 56hrs. Oh baby. iBook here I come.

I visited my old co-workers down in Psych today. I knew nobody! I guess the staff is different after a year huh? I don’t know. But I ran into one of the nurses I used to work with, and now she works in Emerg. Oh well.. time was fun. I can’t believe how tired I am. I’m not used to working 24hrs in two days. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. Two updates in 2 days. Impressed? :)

My hair will no longer be orange & yellow tomorrow. I’ve booked an appointment with my hair stylist/friend, but he’s been calling my cell phone tonight – and I bet he’s trying to cancel on me. But he’s not cancelling on my ass! I need this done before I head out! Later, all. Thanks for all the comments… slackers ;)

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