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It’s been way too long since L did a guest post on my blog and I always love her style of writing that somehow keeps me on the edge of my seat. Here she is with another blog post! Yay! I have to head into work now, so no time for my OOTWW post just yet. Stay tuned til after 5:30 EST lol…


Ever have something bug you so much that you just cant shake it?!

I mean, have you ever had someone tell you something, only to find out there was no fact to it AT ALL?! And it was a big flopping waste of your time!

OK, let me explain.

So, I’m on a quest to minimally change up some of the products I use on my kids.

Like their shampoo, and bodywash, skin cream and sunscreen ( that’s a big one to change btw…but way tmi for this little post) stuff like that.

So, I’ve decided to try the Kiss My Face line of natural/organic products.

They maybe aren’t the BEST one on the market, but after researching online till my eyes went buggy, I decided that for the price, and the great ingredients…Id give ‘er a whirl.

So far so good. No itchy hives or dry skin, (on my poor little fair haired sensitive skinned kiddies) I’ve tried the kids shampoo, and the lavender bodywash. Love it on them!

So, today was the day I was going to get the econo sized shampoo and conditioner, and the body cream, heck maybe even the citronella bug spray too.

Now, I know they sell this stuff at the big Zehrs around the corner form where I work, as I’ve scoped it there before.

But today was a special day….

I was accompanying Nancy on her jaunt to the Mall to get a price adjustment credit on her new Mexx skirt. FUN!!!

So, I did what any organized gal does, and I tried to kill 2 birds with one stone. I called around to a few stores at the Mall to see if they carried the Kiss My Face Line.

“Hello, do you carry…”, “Nope, ok thank you…” and so on and so forth. Until I was on the last store to choose from  and the woman there assured me she had seen a BIG display of Kiss My Face at Sephora.

Ooooh, I can join the gals on a impromptu trip to the Mall, AND get the product I’ve been daydreaming about for 3 days now, (but just didn’t have enough time to stop for yet).

I digress.

So, I go to Sephora. Trendy, bright modern. Think MAC, but with a bit less edge, and a bit more sophistication.

So, I ask the girl… ”excuse me, can you tell me where to find the Kiss My Face?” She looked at me like I was speaking some foreign language. Immediately I realize I have shamefully been led astray. But I cant just turn and run. So, I look at this tall perfectly ensembled sales girl, and I repeat myself. “Kiss my face”

She barley looks up this time, and as nonchalantly as swatting a fly she fluffs “We don’t carry Kiss My Face” With emphasis on the first letter of each word.

Clearly, what she was really saying was “we push brand name beotch, kiss my ass”

Eyes wide, and cheeks a little blushed (and not from the samples I could have tried had I not been so embarrassed)…I turned on a dime and fled.

Darn you sales girl from another store who assured me it would be there! If you didn’t have any FACT to your assumption, save me the goose chase, and the abashment! Please. This goes for all people who talk just to be heard sometimes. Speak fact people!

The point to all of this IS, although I had fun with the girls, I could have saved that for the water-cooler catch up session …what I really wanted was some Kiss My Face!

Good thing I am using my new Batiste Dry shampoo tomorrow, and not my new Kiss My Face Organic Shampoo that I STILL don’t have!


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