On Tuesday I wore the Mexx skirt. Wednesday I got a phone call saying it was 50% off. Read about my conundrum here. With the money I got back from my price adjustment I went into a store I’ve never been inside: Sirens. I just always walk past it—not for any particular reason. I just don’t go in. So when my co-workers and I were at Mexx yesterday, we popped into Sirens and I spotted these heels for just $15. I needed them. So I’m wearing them today! Love them.

Also? We we have three offices here spread out between different cities, and we all got together last night and had a baby shower for one of our co-workers, omgosh the baby gifts were all SO adorable. I ended up playing with the 60lb boxer for the most part. He wanted to be a lapdog. See? lol

[I decided to remove the image]

Can I just say that it’s very difficult to tame my hair in the mornings especially when I don’t wash it and want to wear it down? It’s not that it gets greasy. It’s just that I have two crowns on the back of my head and my hair parts in such a way that it shows the crowns — my scalp, and makes me look like I’m a balding 40 year old man. It took a long time, and I may as well have gotten a shower with the amount of time I spent trying to tease and hair spray my hair to hide the crowns. Lawwwdd. TGIF!

Also—today is mine and Scott’s six year anniversary! We’re not celebrating tonight because he’s been very busy at work the last two weeks and has a triathlon this weekend. We’ll celebrate soon :)

2005 when we started dating, and 2010 at a wedding!

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! Hope you get some time to celebrate soon. I love those heels…good investment ;) Glad you got the adjustment on your skirt.

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