I SMOKED the 5.11s

Hot damn, am I ever having quite the productive day. I woke up early, because I had to drive my Dad to chemo. He’s still not back yet. I managed to go for a run in the rain, do two load of laundry, head over to travel cuts and check out the cheapest prices on plane tickets. I also dropped off my Intersession marks (two 80’s and two 90’s!!) to the person at HRDC. I’ve already had my lunch, yay KFC Twister sammich. Now i’m bored. It’s kinda crummy out, pouring rain off and on. I could take a super long shower, but I’m not sure when my Father is supposed to call.

Climbing was effin sweet yesterday. I was climbing with this one guy who I’ve never really climbed with before. I smoked all the 5.11’s in the gym that I was working on. 5&6 yellow, and on number 9/10 the blue route. SWEET! I just went up them like i’ve done them hundreds of times before. I think I’m going to head in tonight again too. See if I can get them again. Oh yes.

So, it’s definite. I’m heading to Ontario at the end of the month. I’m not giving out details of when I’m leaving because just way too many people read this site, 50% of them I don’t even know at all. So! yep. I have no news. Someone entertain me? Wanna play bejewled with me on MSN?!

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