Flying to ontarioooo

I made a little “link me” button, since I don’t have one on my site anywhere. Sooo, if you want to save this button to your left here, just right click/save as & voila. You’ll have a link to my site! Whoopie.

It’s my friends birthday today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAIN MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t think I’ve been in a bad mood once, since Scott and I have been going out. It’s a wonderful feeling! Now I need to buy a cheap microphone so I can chat to him via MSN for much cheaper than the telephone. I’m so excited!

Oh man, for those who knows about the bouldering video a few of us were doing last summer. I e-mailed John, he told me that a mini-video will be out in August. Though he won’t be home for Christmas. I hope hope hope that I’ll be around to see the video, if it does get done. YEH YEAH!

Work hasn’t called yet. I went to the coporate office today, to fill out a form to gain access to the hospital computers again. I think they’ll give me a call tomorrow, to work a 12hr shift or something. At least I really friggen hope so. When I get my pay cheque, I’m flying off to Waterloo for a while. Maybe more than a few days, because I want to see Scott, as well as my cousins, who live just minutes away from him. It’ll be a grand time b’y!

I love this statcounter tracker. Some people seem to have a little obsession with my website. Hey? I see who visits, and how often they visit and where they go on my site. hehe. YOU my friend, are PSCYHO! I don’t even know why they come to my site anymore. It’s not like I talk about anything that interesting. To each is own.

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