Climbing + Musaak = my life

Just got back from the climbing gym. I was supposed to belay from 7-9 tonight. Geoff called at 8pm telling me that. I completly forgot about the whole thing. I rushed right up there on the parkway, weaving in an out of traffic, got there in 5 minutes tops. Listening to the new weezer album. Superb. Speaking of new albums, I’ve downloaded a ton of new music this past week. The foo fighters – In Your Honor, The gorillaz – Demon Days, and some other stuff. I usually listen to just house music, on proton radio, but I needed a change for a while.

My climbing buddy, Sarah, invited me to go Pole Vaulting. She’s a runner for the Canada Games, and has a race tomorrow. She said I’m built for it, and I’m a strong person. So she’s got my e-mail address and she’s going to get in touch with me. I can’t wait! My Dad did pole vaulting, high jumping, and sprinting, back when he was young. I’d like to do the same. But I never knew where to go. SUPER STOKED MAN!

Canada Day tomorrow!! No big plans for me. The neighbours always get together and have a big ol’ feast, inviting all their friends. I spose I’ll go over there and get some grub throughout the day, sit in the hot tub for a while. It’ll be dandy. The perfect Canada Day would be spending it in Waterloo with Scott. Wouldn’t it be spectacular if he came home tonight and suprised me? That’d be so insane. I’d love it.

Last night, Scott fixed my computer. WHILE he was in Waterloo. He got me to install this program, so he could see my desktop, on his computer, and he could move my mouse around. It was ridiculously cool, and I was quite amused watching everything happen “magically”. I thought I had some sort of virus, because when I re-started my computer it said “insert system disk & press enter”, then afterwards it opened sixty two internet explorer browsers. I don’t even use IE! It was crazy. Anyway Canadians, have yourselves a great Canada Day. American’s? See ya? lol

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