Can’t fill this girl up

I had three helpings of my lunch today. THREE. It’s not like the plates I used at work were even small, they were the size of a trailer hitch. Hu-mungo.

I’d show you guys exactly what I put in my chicken salad, but it’s late, and I’m too lazy to get the stuff out of the fridge and photograph it in this dark light we’ve got going on.

It was the cheapest bagged lettuce you can get: Mediterranean, un-seasoned but cooked (lawd I hope so) chicken breasts, crutons (oops), some seasoning stuff from PC (I threw it away, I finished the package off lol), orange bell peppers (the best) and for the dressing? Roasted Red Pepper Aoili (however that last word is spelled) – which was purchased from a health food store.

I’ll take photos of them all put together, because it’s beautiful to look at, and way better to eat.

I kinda want a fourth helping. Right now. I will never get sick of you my sweet roasted red pepper dressing!


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