End of day…

I’m back. Yeah. Four posts. Beat that. Try and catch up, dare you.

I just took off my daily makeup for this evening because it’s going to be pretty low key. I’m going to have a frozen pizza for supper and I’m pretty stoked about it. It’s the mushroom kind that my Boyfriend doesn’t like. So I get to have it all. Not to worry, it’s pretty small, like 800g.

I have a ton of new blog posts to come up in the future. Future being the next few days. Not in like six months. But it’s makeup remover. One of the best makeup remover I have ever used. No lie.

I’ve been dealing with a wonderful, sweet rep at Marcelle and I purchased SO much stuff two years ago when Marcelle was having some redonk sale at Shopper’s Drug Mart that I’m still using products from two years ago. I tried to tell her what bottle I was using. But apparently it’s been re-designed. A long time ago. It was embarrassing to say the least. I asked if my bottle of cleanser could go rancid, and she said no – unless the texture and smell changed. I don’t know what the smell used to be like, but the scent inside the bottle was pretty normal. She took pity on me, and sent me a brand new bottle along with some other goodies to try out. I’m not sure why I’m telling you guys this now. Because this isn’t my review. But whatever, I’m bored and alone at the moment. A perfect time to blog.

Plus, everyone loves a random blog post once in a while. Right?

Sorry for those subscribed to me on Google Reader. Getting an abundance of updates every half hour, that I posted a new blog post. Ha!

What’s your favorite makeup remover? I like to have gentle cleanser like Marcelle or even Philosophy products. I rotate between the two at the moment. Both are equally on par with one another.

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