Marcelle Mother Load

Last week I mentioned that I was a huge fan of makeup removers. Duh. Since I wear makeup almost on a daily basis, I’m going to have to love a certain makeup remover. I have two front runners at the moment. One being Philosophy, and I recently purchased the largest possible bottle you could ever purchase at Sephora, it was the Purity Cleanser, which is so gentle and mild on my sensitive skin.

The other, being a long time favorite ever since I was first introduced by it from my Pharmacist neighbor back home in Newfoundland. That product is the hypo allergenic brand named Marcelle. Much more easily accessible than Philosophy as you can get Marcelle products at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Boom. Look at that mother load.

Whenever I find something I like, I tend to buy a ton of it when it goes on sale. Thus, the overload of Marcelle products sitting at home in my apartment half full, some unopened and some empties just so I know what to re-purchase.

I’ve been in touch with a fantastic representative at Marcelle and mentioned to her that I’ve become a Marcelle-hoarder and snapped some photos of my old bottles I had laying around saying which ones I’m a fan of, and which one I’m not. I dislike the gel as I don’t feel like it cleanses my skin well. But I purchased that one by mistake as it said it was for oily skin types.

Apparently I have had some of these products laying around a little too long.  Two years too long. I told my rep what bottle I was using and she couldn’t think of which bottle I was referring too. Apparently the one I was using was a bottle from two years previously and it has since been redesigned. Whoopsies, a little embarrassing. I was wondering if cleansers could go rancid, but she reassured me that they wouldn’t have gone bad. Unless the texture/smell changed.

Um. I’m not sure what the bottle of cleanser was supposed to smell like, so after I took the photos I threw the product out. It was almost done anyway. Thankfully my rep took pity on me and sent over my favorite bottle (the pink one shown) along with a Renforcils eye makeup remover that actually removes waterproof mascara. To be honest, I’ve never tried water proof mascara. Though I should, since I laugh so hard every day that my mascara runs (seriously, it’s terrible). Perhaps I should eventually scope some out and buy the water proof kind.

So, basically the cleansers I was given to try out, work just as well as the other Marcelle products I’ve been using on a regular basis. So no complaints over here. I would suggest to wait for a sale to pick up some Marcelle products as they are a little higher end at about $10-$18 a bottle in the Beauty department at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Have you ever used Marcelle products before? If not, what are some of your go-to makeup removers or facial cleansers?

This was not a sponsored blog post. Two out of the seven Marcelle products shown, were sent to me for free.

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