What may or may not have been blogged about

The title of this blog post confuses me. Should it be: What may or may not has been blogged about? Or have. Brain fart. Today’s my Friday, I’m allowed to be like this.

I know. Wow. Three posts in one day. I’m definitely making up for it this week hey? Perhaps it’s all the sugar I consumed earlier today.

  • I’m flying home to Newfoundland in May. Nope, you didn’t miss this post. I didn’t blog about it yet since I just bought my plane tickets last night. Maybe I’ll write a post about it soon though. I’m excited to see these two fellas. The little guy in the middle, Kelan — he always asks me when I’m coming home next, to see him. Breaks my heart to tell him I can’t come home that often. But I’m SO THRILLED to cuddle them again soon! Smooch the cheeks right off him. They secretly love it.
  • I had a much needed girls night out with two of my wonderful co-workers, Julie and L. That did get blogged about here. I basically needed a medical cart the next morning at work though. Oh boy. Never again.
  • I said on YouTube that I didn’t want to make videos anymore. But I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t want to do any un-boxing videos from the beauty subscription boxes I purchase. I’m always so disappointed in them. I think the new-ness has worn off and I’m not excited about it anymore. I unsubscribed from Loose Button already. We’ll see which one gets the pitch next month.
  • I tried a dry shampoo spray this week for the first time, since I’m 99% all out of the powder stuff I was previously using. I’m not sure I like it better. It’s less messy, but I find it doesn’t soak up the oil as well. Sounds nasty, but it’s true.

K, I’m all out of topics toe tell you about. Now you, you have a Happy Easter.

Knowing me, maybe I’ll see you again in five minutes. I’m in a real blogging mood tonight.

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