No GPS? No problem!

Alright, so I’m only new to braving the streets highways of Ontario. It probably all started when I had to drive solo (and got lost) in Mississauga last May. Ever since I got lost I was so annoyed, and peeved off that I doubted myself and swerved back into the wrong lane. I didn’t even want to drive anywhere for a long time, so I didn’t. My boyfriend did.

That was until I got the chance to drive a GM vehicle back in February. I kinda had to take it back to my city from Toronto. Now that I’ve situated myself and my whereabouts on the map. I think I”m pretty good. I’m not a North, East, West, South person. I’m more of a “take a right when you see that Esso gas station with the hilarious lawn sign out front”. Which probably isn’t the best.

This weekend I’ll be driving somewhere by myself, to a place I’ve never been before. I’m going to have to rely on my own senses and ten pages of google maps printed out to help me out. Yeah, still no GPS. I think I’d rather rely on instincts than wrong turns thanks to an outdated GPS. Plus, OnStar led me astray when I had taken the vehicle. But that was just a minor issue.

So! Maybe I’ll document my weekend. I won’t be updating it much but I think I’ll pop out a few scheduled posts anyway. Don’t fret if your comment doesn’t get “approved” automatically. Sometimes it gets stuck in the spam folder and I’m not sure why.

See you soon!

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