It’s time…

I’m probably at the race site right now calming my nerves. I pre-wrote this post last night so I could publish it in the a.m.

I have had(?) all my stuff laid out the night before. Ignore the IRONMAN black tee, the back is the reason why I picked up the shirt. Kind of playing off the whole mantra ‘running is all mental’. But this one says ‘Pain is just a state of mind’.

I’ll be running solo this race as one of my friends is running the 10k and I just don’t have the nerve to sign up for a 10k just yet, and another one will be watching. Eeee!!!!

I psych myself out too much so I didn’t want to talk about the upcoming race. This one today, is a 5k race that that I ran a while back, and I ended up quitting running the very first time I ran it. The race is very close by and I’ll be walking to the race site. I ended up training on the route a handful of times. I got sick just this past week but I was determined to race it again.

I’ll post a re-cap when I come back. I doubt I’ll do another personal best, just for the fact that I suck at motivating myself and I have a wretched cough right now right after the sinus cold. NICE.

Alright, bye guys!

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