Weekend of shoes

Until about 1pm today I volunteered with work by handing out balloons and giving pony rides at a kids carnival for one of the University Homecoming days. Curious George was there and he was handing out children’s books. I grabbed two for my little nephews back home. Hope they love him, because I enjoyed it when my Dad used to read me those books “way back when”. It ended up raining as soon as the carnival was done at about 1pm, so we didn’t have to volunteer/attend at the next event being the Rugby games.

I headed out into my car and wanted to do some bargain hunting so I went to Giant Tiger (Newfie, this place is like Pipers back home) a super junky store that you really don’t want to be in. (Side note: Why do they always seem to be in the sketchy part of towns too?) I used to sock up on free toilet paper by using $1.00 off coupons but they since raised the prices to $1.29. Well they didn’t end up having any for the second time around. So maybe they stopped carrying the 4-packs? I have no idea and I wasn’t about to ask.

I had no idea what to do, so I just moseyed around the store for a bit and found some basic flats on sale for $7 and bought them. I know, random right? They’re definitely going to fall apart within three weeks, but I think I just liked the price. Plus, they’re not even that ugly!

After the Boyf woke up from partying the night before with a buddy of his (I won’t even dare tell you what time of the night morning he came home ;)) we headed out to a grand opening of Future Shop to check out some deals. Such a guy store, isn’t it? I am always bored within 2.3 minutes of being inside. But anyway we ended up going next door to Walmart, again — to the electronics section because that’s what the Boyf does when we head into Walmart. I of course, had to entertain myself some so I went to the crappy section of shoes once again. What is with me? But I noticed some nude heels that just so happened to be on a steep clearance, and purchased these beasts for $5.00! We have a wedding to attend in the next few weeks so these may very well be a one-time wear, or they may end up lasting — who really knows. I just never wear heels because I’m not all that used to them. I’m definitely excited that I didn’t have to go on the hunt at Aldo or something and pay $60 for a pair that I’ll only wear once or twice a year, seriously.

That’s all the news I have. That’s all I did this weekend. Summed it up pretty fast and easy (twss — by the way I hate that term. I can’t believe I just acrony’med it.) hey?

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  1. I like basic flats because they go with ANYTHING! And those heels are really cute! I never check out Wal-Mart shoes lol but I avoid that place at all costs. Can’t wait to see what outfit you wear with them!

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