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Wow. How many times have I posted in this month alone?

I just called my Brother in Ireland, on my lunch break … talked to him for about 10 minutes while he was making supper for the fam. I asked to speak with my 2½ year old nephew while he was getting food ready for the table. I miss the little guy so much, he’s now speaking in sentences. I asked him what his daddy was doing (like I didn’t already know. But what do you say to a toddler!? lol) and he comes back with his answer “makin dinner… siiiighhh” in a cute Irish accent. Then I asked why Ruairi all of a sudden started screeching… but being the big brother, he totally ignored my question lol. So, I was like OMGGGG let me talk to your dddddddddaaaddd. Kids. They ignore everything you say. Finally my brother was like “Kelan, are you done speaking to Aunt Nancy?” YES YES YES MICHAEL, COME BACK!

I have three vacation days left (as I’m taking a vaca to B.C. this summer with the BF) and I almost want to just fly out and visit them, right now. But my Brother will be working off the coast of Newfoundland, on the oil rigs starting on March 30. They’ve decided to boat everyone out to the rigs now, rather than bring them by helicopter. It’s an 18 hour boat ride, and they’re carting crew over that way, until further notice. The copter only took 1-2hours. Tough decisions. It’s basically the middle of the ocean, half way to Ireland. Not even kidding. 300km off the coast of Newfoundland, in a huge body of ocean and nothing surrounding them. Not something I could do, that’s for sure.

I want them all to move to Newfoundland, so I can make one trip to see my whole family (parents AND brother + kids).  Which won’t happen any time soon.

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