Where’s the flood?

floodpantsFull of fail fashion all this week. My pants shrunk? Clearly, I need to go out and get some new winter pants. I love however, that I am wearing one of my top finds on etsy. This necklace is super gorgs, and I bought it here.

Do you ever get a nervous stomach for the unknown? Fear the unknown. That’s what I’m all about :(

When I go to a new Doctor and I’m waiting in the examining room and I don’t know if he’s young, old, grumpy… all of the above. I get nervous. I get so nervous, that I’m literally sick to my stomach. That is what my stomach is feeling like today — a jumble ball of mess. It doesn’t have to be because I’m going to a Doctor’s appointment, it could easily be something like: SIGNING UP FOR THE GYM. The gym that I used to attend (and quit, in May 2008 lol) is in the same building that I work. My boyfriend’s office is 300 meters way and we’re planning to head back home and pick up our gym stuff (because we conveniently forgot it this morning) heading back so we I can start losing some body fat % (he’s a triathlete, he has like 1% B.F!) . I don’t have anything to be scared of except for the fact that I’m extremely competitive with myself and I try and go further and harder than the last time. I feel like I plateau, but I really don’t because I never work out for more than 8 months at a time. I want to break that record. I want to make a life changing decision and have a life style change. I don’t want to be an unfit elderly person. Since I can’t play soccer anymore for a while, I need a new activity! Sitting on the couch all the time just won’t cut it. Stop. Being. Lazy. Your pants need to fit you, Nancy!

I had a dream the other night that I won my first Triathlon. I think that pushed me over the edge…

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  1. I’m in the same boat with you, girl. Hang in there! I’ve gained some weight lately and I’ve also recently discovered I have high blood pressure (eff!) So I’m trying to work out…whereas my motivation to do so is like…zero. I went to the gym on Saturday and also today. I’m really out of shape!

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