J Crew cashmere cardy, what else?

orangeToday was brutal outside. Last night the Boyfriend and I joined the gym that is in the same building as I work. Literally walk 15 steps in the atrium and the open doors for the gym are right there. I scored an amazing deal of $380 per year.

I ended up going on the wave machine that mimics skiing or snowboarding moves, and it was so difficult that I had to get off after pushing myself to make it to the 10 minute mark. My legs were jello, so I decided to walk down the stairs (it’s a 2 story gym. It’s huge, and so beautiful. But doesn’t make me like the gym anymore), to get on the sit down bike – like you’re on a couch almost, with a TV in front of you, peddling. I initially decided to go only for 30 minutes, but since my Boyfriend who was on the treadmill in front of me, didn’t look like he was going to stop at anytime, I decided to go for 45. My butt hurts. But fortunately, nothing hurts today.

It’s a blizzard out there today. My lunch room at work is on the top floor and we have windows over looking one of the round-abouts by work, and we car-gaze all through our lunch. It was interesting to see today, because since the roads are completely snow covered everyone was fish-tailing all around. But someone nearly clipped a light pole. They were clearly going around the round-about too quickly, and rammed right into a snow pile. He was stuck for all of 30 seconds, when the next car stopped to help – along with 3 other people!! I love good samaritans.

Get this: it was a Mazda 3 hatch too :( I hope I never get stuck around that darn thing. I have winter tires on my car, but I have to say — it’s SO different not driving with studded tires! I was sliding a bit too, this morning.

I’m still wearing clothes that I picked out ages ago on one lonely Friday night. Remember that post? I can’t link it because I can’t find it. But you know the one… where I was bored one Saturday night and I literally scrimmaged through my tops and bottoms and tried putting as many outfits for work as possible. Three weeks worth possible, until I wanted to give up and sleep.

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