Tomboy to Girly Girl?

As the younger sibling, you of course follow in the shadows of the older one’s footsteps. Guess it’s safe to say that I was a bit of a tomboy, living in the close proximity with four boy neighbors. I wore baseball caps and cut my hair short. My brother never passed up a good opportunity to trick people into thinking  he had a baby brother. I never did mind it to be honest. Until I went to a co-ed school in sixth grade. (That’s when I got teased for having short hair, and I vowed to myself to never cut it short, ever again).

I even played tricks on the new kids down the road from us. I put on my baseball cap, and dragged a hockey stick behind me and headed into this huge driveway the boys parents owned. They were playing hockey and my brother wanted in, but was a bit too shy to ask the older kids if he could join in. My job was done, when I asked if my Brother could play. I didn’t end up having a game with them because all I liked, was the slap shots and that was never allowed. It was all I could do.

I’m still not that fond of hockey, especially being a Canadian. I was into tee-ball, remember that? lol. Then too, I was on a co–ed mostly male team. My point of the entry is that ever since moving to a city the size of my province back home, I’ve never fully took advantage of what it has to offer. NHL games, Baseball games, or even soccer games! The had I always wore was an ugly navy blue NY baseball cap. Seeing how NY isn’t that far from me at all, when I get my car I think I’ll have to look into getting a pair of New York Yankees tickets, when they play the Jay’s in Toronto sometime. Or perhaps spend a weekend down in NY and just take it all in.

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  1. Which all girls school did you go to?? I went to Our Lady of Mercy but started there in 6th grade, like 1990 (I think we’re around the same age, I graduated from O’Donel in 97).

  2. Hey! I just sawyour comment on my most recent blog. I’m loving Studio Sculpt right now. I used Studio Tech before and it seemed to get into my fine lines *cringe*. Studio Sculpt, although it does feel a bit cakey when you first apply it, doesn’t creep into places where it is unwanted and I think looks great followed my some powder to matte it up a bit.

    Oh, and you probably saw me on Specktra? Does that sound right?

  3. Didn´t you wear any NBA’s t-shirt? That´s a classic, baseball cap anda M.Jordan´s 23………..Goooooo Toronto Raptors!!!!!!!

  4. WHAT! I went to Mercy! I think I’m a year behind you. I’m an 1980 baby. I left Mercy 1 year before it closed, and headed to Pius X. Then off to Gonzaga.

  5. I was the exact opposite as a child: very much a girly girl. Somehow, though, I also thought it would be a great idea to cut my hair short around age 11, and was subsequently mistaken for a boy until I finally grew a pair of boobies. Never ever again.

  6. definitely go to a Yankees game, if I was sitll in the city I would. used to go a few times a year. Been to the toronto stadium too tho

  7. Omg weird! Small world eh? It went co-ed the year I was in grade 8 with St Bon’s. I was lucky enough to have Mrs Cooper for both grade 7 and 8 (not lol- she hated me!) I went to brother rice for grade 9 then moved to Mount Pearl.

  8. Wow! That’s really neat. So how did you even find my website? Maybe I know you and don’t know it. Wait. You probably would’ve recognized me by the photos I’ve posted, so never mind guess we don’t know one another- haha!

    Mrs. Cooper, I think I remember her. Did she have short dark hair? I remember my Mom really liking one of the teachers who was up in the grades there, and excited for me to have her. But I don’t remember which teacher it was.

    Oh, and I had piano lessons upstairs with Sister Mona, and I dreaded every minute of it because I SUCKED at piano and she’d sometimes whack me with her ruler. But, if I was a good pupil, she’d give me chocolates lol. What a nut bar.

  9. I don’t remember how I found your site. I used to have one a long time ago but lack the time and mostly creativity for one now. I think it might have been through someone elses. We’ve probably crossed paths back “home” at some point but I left right after high school. I’m in Ottawa now working for the govt. I try to block out my Mercy days lol I was only there for 2 years and I was quite the troublemaker or should I say labelled a trouble maker. Did you play volleyball at all?

    I didn’t take piano, thank goodness, I’ve heard the stories! I tried doing violin but wasn’t quite coordinated enough lol.

  10. Ottawa? A former Mercy girl (aka: my best friend) is in Ottawa as well. She’s an Engineer working for a place I’d rather not say publicly, unless she wants to herself. lol. Anyway…that’s pretty cool!

    I think I played volleyball, but I don’t know if I was on a team, or if it was gym class. Such a long time ago. I was in violin class up until grade 5 (so if you took it your first year, you were probably in it, with me! HOLY HELL.

    You need to e-mail me your last name… and maybe my Mom or Dad can remember (as mine is poor as dirt! haha) who you are! I have an old school Mercy photo, that I have on Facebook. I should post on my blog later on this week!

    My brother went to St. Bons actually. He’s two years older than you though.

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