I know it’s strange for a daily blogger (even blogs on weekends) to stop posting for a few days. But quite frankly, I’ve been not feeling the best and my site has been a bit slow logging into wordpress. Or maybe it’s the fact that my laptop has been really slow and I’ve gotten fed up with it.  That or I’ve really run out of things to talk about on here.  Honestly, the real reason will perhaps be a bit too much information for you all, but whatev. I haven’t been feeling all that great as I had a bladder infection. Feeling the urgency to pee, and nothing comes out makes for an uncomfortable work day. I went into a super sketch drop in clinic on Monday afternoon and now I’ve got some pills to heal me. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, I guess I must need to keep the cranberry juice in stock at all times. What a pain in the ass. I hate having to do something responsible. Walk in Clinics are such a great convenient thing, but lordy I hate them. I’d rather be in the comfort of my own Doctor’s office, but alas that isn’t possible to do. Unless I have a car of my own to drive, or fork out $15 on a Greyhound trip as my family doctor just so happens to be in another city. I’m still on the waiting list for one here…

Weekend was fun. Cooked up a few meals at the boyfriend’s and had a laugh together, went to Sobeys and picked up some insane deals on ice cream sandwiches (Mmm!) 3 packages for just $10! So we loaded up on Oreo icecream sandwiches and some strawberry sundae kind I’m not that hyped up over.I also was thoughtful and decided to take some chores off his list and do 3 loads of laundry for him (God Love those apartment washers/dryers. 5 washers + 5 dryers = bliss), though I totally wrecked his net laundry hamper. I need to replace that for him.

tp-dealsmAfter that we headed to the late night Walmart and I stocked up on some snacks for work (I think I failed at this No Buy Month). It wasn’t exactly groceries, just I guess stock piling on things that were on sale. I actually got the Pledge Multi Surface cleaner shown to the left (click to enlarge), for free with a Try Me Free offer. So I will definitely think about doing this No Buy Month again later on in the year. Not sure how that’s going to work when I have a car and need to put gas in it. I guess that counts as somewhat as a necessity, as I need to get to work somehow haha. Okay. Whatever. I failed. I’m pissed, but that’s fine for now and it’s not the end of the world. I’ll give myself more chances and try again in a few months time.

So my readers, would you like to see my deals of the week? I haven’t been an advid coupon clipper since around November or so of last year. I always get stressed out that I’ll get haggled by the sales lady. So now I don’t use like 18 coupons at once. I just buy a load of things, and then hand in one or two coupons. But in this case, 4 coupons lol. As shown above here is what I paid for everything:

3 packs of Royale bathroom tissue at $4.44 each.
I used three $1.00 off coupons, which brings the T.P. to $3.44 each.
1 Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner, “Try me Free Offer” = Free

Total cost: $11.86
If I didn’t use coupons this would have cost: $39.36
Approx savings: $27.50

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  1. “I hate having to do something responsible.” – i’m totally with you, on that one. i’ve got doctors appointments to make and i desperately need new glasses but i keep putting all of it off. maybe in hopes that my mommy will take care of it for me? ;)

    sorry to hear about your bladder infection/green pee (hehe) ..hope you feel better soon! i’ve never had one but my cousin gets them a lot & she seems pretty uncomfortable.

    sounds like you had a good weekend! ice cream always brightens my day. :)

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