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My cousin is due with her second baby in late May and I think I will be attending the baby girl’s baptism. Here’s the thing though, I only remember attending baptism’s with my parents as a kid, so I don’t even know what sort of unique baptism favors that the parents don’t already have, to give the child as a gift.

The first things that come to mind with a birth of a baby, the first birthday, or baptism is always cute clothes that they get an exorbitant amount of already, or a stainless steel piggy bank. engraved with their initials or something.

But what I’m thinking of is perhaps their first Tooth Fairy pillow.

I remember what my Tooth Fairy pillow looked like when I was younger, I think my Brother and I shared it – but I could be wrong. It was fluffy heart, covered in pink and white gingham with lace trim around the outside and a little pocket for where the tooth went.

But I’m not sure if I would give that to a four month old baby, or however old you are when you give baptism gifts to the child. Does anyone have any tips on what to give this kiddo?

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  1. I’m no help…I’d have no idea! I’ve never bought a Baptism gift before. I’m guessing you could never go wrong with a Bible embossed w/the recipient’s name on it. They certainly aren’t going to be able to use it for awhile, but at 4 months that’s the case with most anything I’d guess?

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