My CrossFit Journal (week 9)


Week 9 Day 1.

3 Rounds for time:

100m Run
50 Push-ups
100m Run
50 Sit-ups
100m Run
50 Squats
100m Run
50 Supermans

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I remembered the warmup of this day so finally I can post it. I’m telling you—warmups are just like workouts in itself. We had to run 200m, do 10 wall squats, a bunch of leg swings, 15 pushups, and then we had to do 10 of each thing listed for the WOD above, plus 8 wall climbs. Wall climbs are one of my favorite workouts. It’s basically where you set yourself up in a pushup position, and walk your feet up the wall, and while your feet are doing that your hands go in towards the wall. It’s tough, but SO awesome.

The WOD was tough, and I ended up almost doing the full three rounds in the 30 minutes we were given. I was at 5 squats when the buzzer went off.



Week 9 Day 2.

5 Rounds

5 Power clean; 135/95lbs (45lbs for me)
10 Front squat  (45lbs)
5 Jerk (45lbs)
20 Pull-ups (black and red elastics)
Rest 2 mins

I’m glad I’m keeping track of these WODs because I had to look back to see what I lifted for the Front Squat in my CrossFit archive. Here was our warmup before the WOD:

10 wall squats
20 jumps over peralette things
10 pushups on peralette (if I can’t spell it, I can’t google it to show you what it looks like!)
then hold pushup in plank position for 15 seconds
20 more jumps over peralette thing
10 pushups with toes on bar
Hold pushup in plank for 15 seconds

BAM! Like that.  The class was a bit full so I had to team-up with my running buddy doing the WOD. Both of us were the only people teamed up with someone, and we had 30 minutes to complete the 5 rounds. I found a new way to hold the Front Squat weighted bar on your shoulders so your wrists don’t feel like they’re going to break and crumble into pieces. Hold with two fingers! Not your whole hand. So much ‘easier’. I started my pull ups on the elastics just minutes before the 30 minute timer went off. I had 7 left to do when he said “TEN SECONDS LEFT” and I pumped them out so fast, and did my very very last one as the timer went off. Awesomesauce.


Week 9 Day 3.

10 wall squats
20 overhead lunges (I used a 25lb plate)
30 supines
40 pull ups
50 tru push ups
2km run
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I’m so pleased with my pull ups. I’m still doing assisted pull ups with an elastic band – but I’m on the VERY LAST elastic (there’s like 6 different colored elastics and you pair them together to help you with your pull ups). I wanted to show a video of what I’m ALMOST doing on my own, like this guy! So ten seconds in until about 30 seconds is what I’m trying to achieve. Watch this video! SO EXCITING!!!!!



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