Valentines Day at McDonalds

Yeah, it’s a little early to be talking about Valentine’s Day. No we don’t really celebrate it.

Actually, that’s a lie. The boyf and I always go to McDonalds together on Valentine’s Day. There’s a simple little story behind it. When we were doing the whole the long-distance thing, I ended up having to fly back to Newfoundland on our very first Valentines Day. We popped into McDonalds before we went on our way to the airport and it’s been set in stone like that ever since. Plus, it’s never packed at that place on V-Day ;)  I think I broke the rule one year after the McDonalds coupons came out at the end of January, we were totally sick of it by that point. I cooked a warm homey meal back in 2010. Topped with wine and all the trimmings!

He doesn’t have to think of any romantic anniversary presents for girlfriend gifts like myself. All I want is a butterscotch sundae afterwards and we’re good to go!

I thought about filming a Valentines Day ‘look’ for a date night. But then I remembered I filmed one last year.

Check it out!

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