GlossyBox now available to Canadians

Yet another subscription box to come to Canada. I know, we probably have the highest amount of sampler boxes around. There’s Glymm, Loose Button, Top Box and now Glossybox which originates from the UK. They guarantee five products in each box per month and sometimes throw in a sixth product. It’s also the most priciest of the bunch going for $15/month, with free shipping.

It’s starting to get a little out of control. Later on this evening if you check out my YouTube channel I’ll be unboxing my first 2012 box, which is the TopBox I received yesterday. Originally in January I had planned on doing a Glymm vs. Loose Button vs. Top Box, but I think I’ll be waiting until February to include GlossyBox as well! I’m definitely not going to stay subscribed to all four boxes because I think it’s a little much, especially looking at the cost add up at the end of the month.

I didn’t know Glossybox was available to Canadians until my friend on YouTube from Toronto, Aleeza wrote about it on her blog.

Not sure you want to sign up? I was hesitant as well. The only reason I ended up signing up for the February box, was that I was completely sold after seeing MissHanaG’s December box, again — thanks to Aleeza for pointing me towards that great box unveiling video, and to another great YouTube channel.

I like it when these subscription boxes give you deals for referring people. Click any of the Glossybox links I’ve been linking all in this blog post and you’re linked to my referral page. When you sign up, like Glymm for every friend that subscribe, Glossybox will credit you 200 GLOSSYDots as a thank you. . So that’s kind of neat.

Aleeza made a great point stating that the sample box market is getting a little saturated, however it keeps those four companies fighting for our service and perhaps the products themselves will end up getting better.

I too am going to wait until February to give my review on my first Glossybox. Stay tuned!

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  1. GlossyBox is a TERRIBLE company!

    I am subscribed to Luxe Box (which I LOVE!) and Glymm. I signed up to receive the March GlossyBox but I won’t be receiving it until April. Their delivery dates vary from month to month (exact words from their Facebook page) and are overpriced in my opinion.

    I commented on their Facebook page on my dissatisfaction of hearing there is not set/approximate shipping date and ended up receiving a nasty email from one of their customer service representatives and was kicked out of their FB Page. I received some direct messages from other girls who weren’t happy about the lack of communication regarding shipping dates and we soon found out that most of us were kicked off their page. I don’t know about you but I find this to be TERRIBLE customer service.

    If you think I’m over reacting please read/watch the reviews of other customers in Australia and in the UK. I am not alone in this.

    Thank goodness I canceled my subscription before they billed me for another month!

    I highly recommend Luxe Box! I have yet to get a product I don’t like!! Glymm boxes are either a hit or miss. I would recommend checking them out too though!

    Stay away from GlossyBox!

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