Saying goodbye to two teeth!

I’m getting two teeth pulled at the Dentist’s office tomorrow morning. Almost time to get my braces on! I also have to go to the Orthodontist tomorrow afternoon, and get separators put in – whatever that means. They didn’t really explain it, all they said was something about elastics and my molars. *shrug.

I cannot wait to fly home. A little less than a week, and I’m at my parents house again. I miss everyyyyone. Obviously, I’m not as homesick as before, because I’m just counting the days to be back home. Whooo.

I took standard driving lessons with Young Drivers on Monday. I only stalled the car twice – once, while I was on a hill trying to push on the gas / let up the clutch, and the other time was when I was in reverse, and the instructor told me to keep going, but there were cars coming up the road – so I stopped lol.. wth.

I’m learning sooo much at work. I still need a bit of help with CSS, but I’ll also be learning CS! Pretty awesome.

I gotta go grab supper. BYE BYE

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