Get those ruby red heels clickin’

Imagine having actual physical gold invested in your bank. Logs of gold. Apparently now with certain investments you can put a hunk of 401k gold for savings. I think just having the thing displayed in a cabinet would be much cooler. But probably not wise due to theft. However, maybe you could make a replica, cover it with gold tin foil (hey it’s practical, if you could get your hands on some gold tin, and that is if they actually make it) and have it on display and tell all your friends and family that you have a gold IRA laying around.

In all seriousness doing a legitimate gold IRA transfer may be the next new thing considering they probably don’t lose its value as quickly as other forms. But what do I really know? It’s Friday and it’s so close to cocktail time. I do know that gold benefits and has an on the rise gold price. Did you know that gold is referred as the “crisis commodity”? People lose trendy stocks which makes the price of gold rise, especially in IRA’s! It’s quite a profitatable investment.

The gold of course isn’t limited to the expensive bricks you can get coins, and Canadian one’s at that.  Go to the site I linked and click on Gold Canadian Maple Leaf. Looks kind of like our loonie with the Queen on it, and the maple leaf. Except it’s semi precious… golden. Sweet.

What do you think of it all? It’d be pretty cool to actually hold one and say you own a brick of gold. Build up enough and you could have your very own golden yellow brick road.

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