I’ll never endanger my reputation. Readers deserve unbiased reviews.

I started blogging 10+ years ago. I remember having a rinky dink site where I collected animated gif’s, showing them off like an online sticker book one would have in the 80’s, and the background was orange with faux water droplets over it. It was difficult to see text, but I thought it was the coolest thing at the time.

Then people started writing down more information, about what they were doing that day and updated it all the time. 3:49pm with an update, then at 6:42pm with another. Shortly after “blog” was born. I thought that the name would never stick around. What did it even mean? I never liked using that word. But it stuck. Clearly.

The past few years, the blogging world has completely changed. Things that you never thought you could get paid to do. Like writing on my own personal blog, making it a business. Sometimes I get paid to write, which equals out to about 10% of the time. Mostly if I review products I just get the product and that’s that. I only accept products if I’d buy them with my own money and I disclose in my posts that I received free products in exchange for the review.

I endanger my reputation as a blogger if I’m not straight with readers. It’s not worth trying to pull one over on you. You are the whole basis of my readership, business and brand. I’m writing this blog for myself, yes. But also to help readers get a truly unbiased opinion. If I’m not being honest, people will be able to tell and won’t trust me anymore.

I’ll never endanger my reputation. Readers deserve unbiased reviews. So with saying that. Please stick around this upcoming week, as it’s a lot of giveaways/reviews due to the upcoming Holiday Season. My favorite companies are coming out with some great gift ideas and I want to share them with you!

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  1. Love this! I remember for years I did paid blogging, and although it was fun none of the posts really made sense.

    I love how honest you are, never change!

    Hard to believe how much blogging has changed.

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