Music nowadays compared to the “oldies”

Keeping on the topic I just blogged a little while ago, I can appreciate music from all kinds of eras. I don’t have a personal preference of what type of music I listen to, whether the girls on our weekend getaway crank the country music and have a sing-along on our drive, or the boyfriend listens to his Rammenstien in the car. I quite honestly like, enjoy, and respect it all. I may not buy the CD or download the songs, but I’ll give it a listen.

However, I do have a soft spot in my heart for a few different times in my life where I only listened to certain genres.

I seem to always hear people say “music nowadays isn’t nearly as good as music back when the Beatles were around”. Who truly feels that way? I feel like you can’t even compare the two because back then the music was so innocent and now everything is a complete 180.

ioldies music has music from the days of Elvis or even The Beach Boys. I remember rockin’ out to that kind of music in the basement making up my own dances for the sock hops at the all girls Catholic school I attended. Ah, I think I need to bust some of that music out again :)


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