Question about Yoga…


Okay. I really love yoga. I went three times already: Monday, Thursday and now today.


One thing that I have a question about while at Yoga. How do you keep your hands/palms from slipping on the yoga mat? My hands are seriously dry, should I moisturize before I go? I don’t want to be slipping even more. I find that I slip very slowly outwards, when doing the downward dog.

I also cannot get over the price difference of yoga mats. $68 for one at Lululemon. Ya kiddin’ me?? I want to spend no more than five bucks on one, haha.



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  1. Jeez, don’t they supply mats for beginners at your place? My hands don’t slip at all in downward dog, and I just use the mats they provide. I won’t get a mat until we move probably, I don’t have space to do it properly at home so there’s no point in investing!

    Nancy says: yes, we are supplied mats. But I don’t want to continue to use them. SO many people do, and they smell!!

  2. I had this problem when I started yoga. My instructor suggested that I fold a towel and put it on the top of my mat where my hands would go. Works like a charm!

  3. that’s strange that your hands slip. It could be from the mat itself??
    I have a matt that is ribbed/grooved that I got from walmart and I’ve never slipped on it.

  4. I slide on my mat too! One girl in my yoga class said age washes her mat with dishsoap and water and she no longer slides on it. I have yet to try it though.

  5. Re: the mat….look at Winners and places like that. I know that is your version of TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and sometimes they have yoga mats there. I bought my old one at Target. My hands slip a lot in barre class so I use a towel for matwork. I also have some “grippy” socks (Crescent Moon) that I wear sometimes. But I ALWAYS have the towel.

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