My CrossFit Journal (Year 1, week 21-23)

 The short:

Week 21: Went to CrossFit twice
Week 22: Zero workouts
Week 23: A mix between Yoga, Muscle Pump, Running and CrossFit!


year 1, week 21, day one

3×5 Thrusters (complete 200m Run immediately after each set)

I think I used 65 or 60lbs. I didn’t write it down! :(


We had to do pistols and get our butt to go low on the medicine ball. Once everyone got the rhythm down it was fairly “easy” to do the pistols (or one legged squats).


year 1, week 21, day two


Good Mornings
5-5-5-5-5 (70lbs was my limit for Good Mornings, they were hard!)
Kipping HSPU (We tried
5x Max Efforts

Tabata  (20 seconds off 10 seconds off – 8 rounds of each)
Box Jump Burpees
Double Unders (I did regular skips)

Regular skipping during the Tabata/interval workout = whipped arms! :(

I didn’t do kipping HSPU (handstand push up’s) because that’s crazy talk and takes a lot of strength. So we practiced just regular handstand pushups and I bent my arms more than I thought I would going down, so I’m getting stronger in the shoulder area! Yay!!


year 1, week 23, day one

I went to Yoga with my co-worker at the local YMCA (and blogged about it here). It was a nice change, and I’m interested in keeping it up. But not interested in the price it costs to attend one class. 


 year 1, week 23, day two

Muscle Pump was a very busy, packed class and of course since I was new the class flew by. I don’t think I’ll be attending this one again. It was at the YMCA again with my co-worker. I just found it to be too busy, and didn’t make me sweat as much as CrossFit would. Which is why I hopped on the treadmill and did an 8:08/mile to sweat a bit before heading home.


year 1, week 23, day three

Yoga again. I’m addicted. It’s so relaxing, I can’t help it!



year 1, week 23, day four

CrossFit after this workout, and a 6k run with my coworker L. I literally felt like my legs were made out of lead when I was on the run. It was a rough night of exercising and I didn’t get home til about 10pm! Whoops! I hadn’t even made supper at that point. Pizza it was :)


7×1 Pwr Clean + Clean and Split Jerk (I managed to get to 75lbs, once I tried to put 80lbs on in total, I dropped the weight. Guess I found my max!)

30 Alternating Superman
20 OH Lunges 45/25 (I used 25lbs)
30 Double Unders (or 90 regular skips)

I completed 3 full rounds. Everyone else did 5+. The overhead lunges with the 25lb plate definitely slowed me down. Ah!


year 1, week 23, day five

Yoga again! This class flew by so quickly that I decided that I’m officially hooked on Yoga. I went up to the instructor and asked if she taught anywhere else. I love her style. She kept coming over to everyone and adjusting their movements. She even “fixed me” twice.


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