I am sleep deprived!


It’s strange how your body gets into such a routine.

For instance, when we wake up the puppy to go potty in the middle of the night (because he can hold it just a max of five or five and a half hours), I end up waking up to pee too! That is, if Scott is the one letting him potty. It’s a regular occurrence in this household now that I automatically wake up, which is a little annoyance of mine. At least I’m a lucky one where as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m in a deep sleep 14 seconds later, where as the boyf takes a good half hour or more.

I can’t exactly see myself having kids at this rate, if I’m exhausted with the puppy taking up all of our time. I mean, when the puppy is getting a little out of control, at least you can ignore it right? Seriously though, he’s a good little guy. We’re taking him for his first obedience school class in February and I’m kind of wondering what I’m paying this lady for. Nothing I can’t learn on YouTube tutorials, that’s for sure. That’s how I taught him to lay down was manipulating the treat in such a way — bringing it towards his chest so he looks down, and lays down almost automatically. So, we’re ahead of the game in that sense. I just want to get him to stop being saucy whenever we discipline him. He hates being told NO. lol.

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  1. Is it in my eyes or Alfie gets bigger each day? A new candidate to a gym’s membership!!! Just kiddn, excuse me for the joke.

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