Athletic weekend

I have been upping my running mileage by 500 meters each week so I can be in 10k race form by September. This week I am between 6 and 6.5km’s. On Friday I decided to ask my Boyfriend to do my 6k loop with me — I felt really good, so I pushed myself hard towards the end and I bet my time by a good two minutes. I ended up doing a few crazy somewhat long sprints that left me feel like I wanted to vom. We finished in 35 minutes and some change, so really like a 10 minute mile – I don’t get it. I guess maybe it was the stop lights that we had to wait at that made it seem longer?

I also ended up wearing my visor that I received as some free swag at a bike shop when we went to Ironman Canada last year. It definitely keeps the sweat from accumulating on my face. Or so I’d like to think. I turn purple/red and I sweat A LOT on my face when I run. The picture on the left is from Monday’s run though. The blue tank is old, purchased from Winners and probably not the best shirt for running as it rides up a bit :(

Monday we had a holiday here in Ontario and so I asked the Boyf to come on another run with me but take a brand new route. It was only 6.89k but it felt like miles longer than what it was. I ended up whining, and complaining a lot. I pretended I was near death and wanted to stop for water, thankfully he put up with me being annoying and pushed me harder. He’s all “What? You want to drink some water out of the manhole?” It wasn’t funny when I heard it but when I think about it, I’m glad he pushed me hard. Plus it was a holiday and realistically we couldn’t stop for water. Nothing was open! I think the route seemed 2x longer than what it was because I knew the roads and I knew they were really long. We finished in 46 minutes. 11 minutes way slower than Friday and it was only 800meters more! Isn’t that weird? Towards the end I was crawling at a snails pace, but still “Jogging”. I’m not sure what was up. I get so down on myself when running days go like that. I need to stop being negative.

Tonight is the trail run. Let’s hope I don’t quit like last week, 2k in. I can DO this.

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  1. the fact that you run is impressive to me. I have really bad arches so running would be something I would love to do, but I would only be able to do it in chunks at a time, no long runs like you do. soo YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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