Alfie P. McDogg

I never knew a dog could have so many nicknames. Stuff in brackets is who gave him the nickname and who calls him that.

  • Sweetie Pie (Me)
  • Troublekins (Boyf)
  • Schnoggles (Boyf calls him this allllll the time)
  • Peepers (I mis-call him that all the time – it’s the name of my RIP dog back home)
  • Eyyyy Alfffieeyy (Me. In an Italian voice)
  • Mr. Man (Me)
  • Little guy (Both of us)

Not so sweet:

He’s sweet some of the time though:

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  1. My mom has several dogs & they all have at least 5 nicknames too! lol They really are part of the family. :) Alfie is SO CUTE! <3

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