Safe and sound

My brothers family moved from Ireland to Canada on Saturday. It was a very long process to make this happen – years in the making, and finally it has come true.

Since I am about a 3 hour plane ride away from them, I cannot stop calling them and speaking to them on the phone, constantly. I call twice a day and I’m probably starting to get a bit homesick. It’s alright though because I have booked a flight to visit them in the fall. Poor Kelan (the 4yr old) keeps asking if I am going to visit him today: “Ancy Nancy , I haven’t seen you today. When are you coming over?” Awww! How cute is that? He can’t say Auntie Nancy and just says Ancy Nancy!

My brother has never been one for picture taking and we rarely got updates on how the kids looked. Over the past three days I received 2 batches of photos from my Mom. She’s going camera-happy and I’m giddy at looking at them all.

I share with you… my big awesome fun family!!

I guess in Ireland they don’t have huge trucks like they do over here. So all the boys wanted to go in my cousins “huge truck”. All four boys are in there, but you can’t spot Kelan.

This is my old bedroom transformed into my Brother+SIL + 2 youngest boys bedroom. Spiderman bedding. Here is Kelan chatting to me on the phone with his cute Irish accent. ADORABLEEEE.

Ruairi (Rory) wearing the birthday “super hero cape” (that I bought here) for Kelan’s birthday. Ruairi will get one on his birthday in December, but I guess I should have sent them both at the same time… as Ruairi was kind of sad when he didn’t get his own.

There they are, running down the hallway! teehee.

Kelan’s adorable smile. I love the color of his eyes!! (I haven’t seen this kid since he was 1.5yrs! He just turned 4).

Ruairi has a black eye. Poor kiddo.


Helping each other down the slide. This is where I see a lot of my Brother in Kelan, the oldest boy. His eyes bring me right back to when my Brother and I were kids. That happy/evil smile. :)

Oisin the soccer superstar (literally) listening to his new ipod. Jealous!

Look how excited they are to be at the park. Waaayeeahh!

Even more excited when they spot my Dad coming down to visit them at the park!!

Mom and son coming down on the slide. There’s my daddio observing it all.

I can’t wait to go home :)

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  1. While I would love to have an excuse to visit Ireland (I’ve been wanting to go, but airfare was RIDICULOUS this year for any time that I actually had off from work). How exciting that they are so much closer than they used to be. Too bad you have all nephews — if you had a niece, you could get her the kid’s book “Fancy Nancy” :) You could always get the book for yourself though.

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