KQC Straightener

I did a review on a curling iron (Part I, Part II) from flatironexperts.com a while back. I guess it was successful as they sent me a straightener to review as well! This KQC hair ceramic straightener is from flatironexperts as welll.

I haven’t felt confident about a hair straightener in a long time. My 3 year old CHI caught on fire and I replaced it with a fake GHD (which I thought was authentic), it was then replaced by another straightener I received to review.

This one feels more like my CHI used to. You know the noise when you clamp down on your hair and it makes a “pop” closing noise? This is going to sound weird, but it sounds like a higher quality than my other 2 straighteners. It’s not as flimsy and the clamping handles don’t get super hot.

Product modeling shots. Shooting photos in natural sunlight is definitely way better and more vibrant than artificial lighting. I need to remember this.

Check out the lighting on this closeup. Fire Engine red plates.

No gaps in this straightener! Much sleeker looking than a bold colored straightener. Looks more expensive, doesn’t it? So far so good. Been using it for two weeks straight, and you can clearly see my straight hair in my OOTD posts where my hair is always straight. Give it a quick sweep over your hair and poof — you have sleek straight locks.

Thanks flatironexperts for letting me review this product! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it.

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  1. Holy cow, your CHI caught on fire!? Shoot, I really need to quit forgetting to turn it off.

    Nancy says: You know where the swivel cord joins the straightener? It started sizzling some weird gas and burned my eyes as I looked at it. I pulled the plug out from the wall immediately, then threw it in the garbage. It was SO weird and scary!!

  2. COOL! I use a CHI and I have had it for going on 4 years now…if it conked out on me I would be DEVESTATED!!

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