Pass the milk, please

I’m not a huge drinker anymore. Perhaps it’s because I partied myself out from the years 2002 to 2006, and totally got it out of my system for the most part. So many people find it absurd that I don’t have a glass of red wine with my supper at the end of a long work week. It’s not that I’m against drinking at all. I do enjoy it, but I just don’t crave the flavors that wine, vodka or rum has. It’s also not the fact that I get hangovers. I’ve gotten maybe 6 hangovers in my life. So lucky, those hangovers were nasty when I had them. Sure there are tasty liquors out there but I’m not one to just pop into the liquor store and buy a bottle of wine for the weekend. The last time I purchased a bottle of wine was Valentines 2010 (look how tiny Alfie was! 4mths old, aww!). We were in the mood for a bottle during Easter, so we purchase some Reisling. White wine that was sweet and light.Almost as good as some Black diamond earrings!

On occasion, meaning once every year and a half or so (lol), I go out and get absolutely hammered and dance the night away. Of course, more times than going binge drinking I actually have a glass of vodka/cran and slowly drink it like a proper adult too.

It’s not even the way I was brought up, either. Some people ask me if I had bad experiences is why I don’t drink much. No, not that either really. There isn’t a REASON why I don’t drink. I just don’t go out of my way to the store to buy booze. My Dad makes homemade wine from scratch and bottles almost hundreds of bottles per year. Everyone loves his wine and wants him to make it for them. My parents drink wine with their supper, while I say pass the milk, please!. I’d rather a nice icy cold glass of milk with my supper. I switched my Boyfriend onto milk with his supper in the almost 6 years we’ve been a couple. He used to just have pop, or water. I’m all about the milk drinking with my supper. How about you?

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  1. I’ve drank 4x ever in my life and the last time I was so sick and so hung over I will never do it again! I don’t feel the need, maybe I will have 1 or 2 if I ever go out dancing again (ya right! With 5 kids!) but other than that I just don’t see a point! I’d rather drink milk or juice :) big partier am I :)

  2. I can´t stand drinking milk, even with chocolate, vanilla or any flavour. I started drinking coffee when I was a child (8/9 years old). My stomach does not tolerate a protein called lactose so I prefer to eat cheese or yoghurt than have a glass or milk.
    In Spain it is highly recommended to drink a glass of red wine in every meal in order to have a good digestion. That may be because we are one of the 3 top wine producers in Europe so we need to get rid of it. I follow the advice and I have no complaints.

  3. I don’t drink either. Not for any particular reason other than I just don’t crave the taste either. I probably drink a beer a few times a year and that works just fine with me!

  4. I drink wine, often. My friends call me a vino. I just started making my own wine since I have somewhere to store it. I just bottled my first batch and am excited to try it, it’s hard for me to let it sit. Besides a glass of wine a couple of nights a week, I really don’t drink much at all. When I go out with friends I usually drive so I don’t drink at all. I definitely partied enough when I was in my early 20s, it’s pretty much all out of my system. Although, the end of June I’ll be going to Vegas for a friend’s bday/bachelorette party so I am sure there will be many cocktails to be had.

    As for a regular drink, I drink a lot of gatorade G2 and crystal light and of course good old water!

  5. I hate drinking milk with dinner (or any meal other than breakfast- which I normally don’t eat). Normally, I’ll drink diet pepsi, water, or sometimes juice with din.

    As for alcohol- I use to drink every week, sometimes twice a week. Me and my friends from university in last 2 years or so use to always go dt clubbing or stay @ the Breezeway or res. While I do miss it sometimes, I think I grew out of it a little. Now, I rather go to a pub and have a few drinks while shooting bullshit, ha.

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