My going away party

Last night I had my going-away party at my parents house. TONS of people showed up, and everyone wanted hugs from me. (haha, I’m not a hugging type of person) There was so much food. We had a bunch of nibbly stuff laid out, all throughout the house. My dog was going ballistic, barking at everyone. She was scared for her life I think. She doesn’t like strangers….other than that it was a super nice time, seeing everyone before I left. I’m excited again. I say again, because the past couple of days before the party / my graduation, I was feeling super sick to my stomach and couldn’t finish my meals.

The cousin who I’m staying with, called me the other night, saying that when she picks me up from the Toronto airport, we’re driving to Montreal for a couple of days. Holy sweet! :) I’ve only driven through Montreal when I was 14, with my friend’s Father. We were going to visit her in Sherbrooke or something. So this is super exciting for me. I can’t wait.

Tonight, I might head over to my Aunt’s house. My cousin Tracy drove in from across the island, with her two kids and is staying for the whole summer here in town. I want to see her too, before I go. She only got in today and we’re having a BBQ or something for her. Free hot dogs!

I’m starving. I also have to get a shower. It’s pretty late.

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