Vote to save Doyle House at MUN

I went shopping yesterday to buy a convocation dress to wear on Thursday. I happened to also buy a girly summer shirt as well. Today, I went searching for the perfect pair of shoes to wear with them, but I wanted something that I would wear again.. not just a one-time deal. I headed up to Winners with Roz, and picked up a PERFECT pair of pink shoes – that will not match my navy/white striped dress at all. However, they matched my new shirt! :) YAY

Ahh, I’m starting to get my suitcases out of the closets and onto the floor. 1 duffle bag, 1 suitcase, and 2 carry-on’s. I’m almost sick to my stomach thinking about it now. I was so nervous earlier. Belshhg..

There’s an all Male Residence called Doyle House at Memorial University of Newfoundland, which the Uni is trying to convert into coed. Sign the petition and vote against the coed merge. There’s 2 female houses at the moment, and only 1 for the guys. It kinda sucks if there isn’t an all male as well. So.. VOTE VOTE VOTE! Please, and thank-you :)

Man, this update is all about the links!

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