Week 4-20 through photos

I never documented many photos throughout the months/weeks with bebs, and I somewhat regretted it. So here I am going back in time, sharing some photos that I took along the way when this little one was a secret (heehee!). 

I intentionally have been wearing the same (sorta) clothes so I could see the belly growth. Here we go!

4 weeks pregnant

8 weeks (This was Easter Sunday)

12 weeks (This was on Mother’s Day)

16 weeks along – I started to really show around 18 weeks or so. Here it looks like I just ate too much! haha.

20 weeks pregnant – the day I took my announcement photos with bebs. 

I’m pretty happy about the boost of energy I have during this second trimester. Like my last pregnancy, the only real symptoms I have/had are sheer exhaustion within the first trimester. I slept for hours during the day when I put bebs down for his afternoon naps. Definitely took advantage of that! It’s definitely more difficult being pregnant with a toddler running around. 

I’m also taking full advantage of this time where I have tons of energy to take my son out on adventures, and not having to pee constantly – I know that my small bladder syndrome (lol) will creep up on me in the coming weeks and I won’t be able to walk a block or two without realllllllllyy needing to go. TMI? Oops. 

I have a lot more posts coming up, as I said I’ve been documenting this pregnancy so much! 

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