Almost time

Oprah is boring today, so I decided to update my site once again. It seems like I’m forever backing up things from my PC to my laptop. I don’t want to say good-bye to my fast awesome PC!

I need to cancel my cell phone bill soon. I’m with Aliant at the moment, but a girl I know says that if I transfer it to Bell Canada, I can cancel it and forget about the contract. How awesome is that.

Updating this site bores me now. I can’t talk about anything interesting anymore. There’s too many people that know about this site and I wish I never gave the address to them. Good thing there’s LJ. Heehee.

My cousins are having another supper for me tonight. I have to cancel on a friend to go climbing now. Sucks, hopefully I’ll get into the gym now, before I go. OK BYEEE boringg entry as always!

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