Weekend in review

Hey folks, how was your weekend?

Mine was pretty relaxed which is what I wanted. On Friday night I was searching Netflix for the Mrs. Doubtfire movie after seeing Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers, talk about visiting the house in California. PLUS THE FULL HOUSE HOUSE. I want to see that place, one day…

Saturday I lounged around most of the day, taking blog photos for upcoming posts and later in the evening I went to my cousins place in Guelph for a birthday party! So nice seeing all my cousins again, even though they live less than an hour away from me I rarely get to see them.

I also signed up for We Heart It and I am so addicted. So many pretty pretty pictures.

On Sunday I took pup for a walk, and since it was so mild it was pretty nice outside. The parks were dead silent and no one was around which was strange seeing how the weather was beauty. In the evening, I tried out my new epilator, which I’ll have a review on after I use it a few more times. Legs were easy, underarms were so painful I had to stop and take a break then pump myself up to go at it again. It was comical.

What did you do this weekend?

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